different curly hairstyles

Top 3 Curly Hairstyles To Try On

Different Curly Hairstyles“Are you doing something new with your hair” – the first question women are asked when something is different.

Whether this change is in the form of a first step after a relationship peters out, a haircut decision before a big interview, a new curl or swoop in a different place: hair defines a woman’s style and life in the best way. But these “perfect” swoops, curls seemingly rolled straight from the pillow to the model shoot are not effortless: how does one master the art of the fussy, curly head?

Prior to assigning different styles for different lengths, it’s best to understand the ways in which to utilize your tool: the curling wand. Your magic curler that will elevate your style! Long, medium, or short hair: it’s best to follow the rules through every length.

Never, ever put heat to your wet hair unless you want to be a frizz monster. Stay away from chrome and hard metal wands: these are the worst for your locks.  Try tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium curlers. And watch out for your fingers! Wear a heat-protectant glove for precaution.

Advice for the Long-Tressed Woman

Long Hair Curls

The long hair curls leave much room for several different moods, be it for a beach-bum or a sophisticated celebrity – or a woman who changes her mind often, and rightfully so. To protect your strands before you charge in, make sure to apply a nourishing protein like HSI Professional Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner.

The 32 mm large barrel curling wand has been found to be best for longer styles. This will yield loose curls for less texture, more romance. The curls aren’t weak, exactly, but hold themselves in larger loops. Leave them in these loops without brushing them for a unique, vintage style. This look boasts a 50s sexy flair with a close, flat crown bursting into mounds of curls below.

Enhance the texture of this vintage look by alternating with smaller wand sizes: a 25 mm works well without being too jarring next to more voluptuous waves.  Create a beach look in a similar manner by curling your entire head with the 32 mm – but saving the last two inches to keep it messy, out of sync, and ready for the outdoors.

Middle of the Road Hairstyles

Medium Hair Curls

When working with a medium length hair, it might be best to opt for the 25 mm curling wand. This wand does it all: it can curl up some nice, seamless, tight curls that look natural and not too springy. And it can allow for some sexy, voluptuous locks when brushed out. You can alternate these brushed out locks with some tight curls for texture. There’s no end to this wand’s magic.

Why not try a Taylor Swift ringlet style? Your hair is medium length, so not too much to handle – and the ringlets will add so much flavour and depth to your hair! Use a tapered wand to provide a soft, smooth crown descending into tight loops toward the end. And don’t forget the healthy gloss! Before curling, apply a leave-in conditioner like Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk.

Alternately, use the 13–19 mm wand for tight curls – make sure to wrap tightly, piece by piece for definition. Brush the curls out for a wild woman flair.

The Bob and the Pixie Cuts

Short Hair Curls

The curly bob or pixie: tight, clean ringlets bouncing around your face leave other, longer curly hairstyles looking a bit ratty. This style is perfect for the professional curly-haired woman. Maintenance is key when it comes to the bob: consistent trips to the salon are in order to uphold the tight cleanliness. And hand’s off during the day: finger oils will create frizz and inhibit the careful definition of your curls.

Use a curling product like MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream to resist this frizz. Definitely opt for the 13–19 mm wands in this case. These are best for definition and spring. Face shape is also important to nail this short look: best to try with an oval or square face. Heart shaped and round shaped faces might want to avoid the even more enhanced circular hairstyle.

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