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Sarah Potempa Beachwaver PRO Rotating Curling Iron Consumer Review

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The Beachwaver Professional Rotating Curling Iron was designed by innovative celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa. Together with her sister Erin, Sarah was working for over two years on a wand that rotates in both directions to let you create instant, effortless-looking beach waves at the touch of a button.

The protective ceramic rod heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the maximum temperature you can achieve these days. However it is very unlikely you will ever need to adjust it to the highest limit unless you have very coarse thick hair. We always recommend to try the medium temperature first to see how your hair reacts to the settings.

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A great time saver, this rotating styling tool does all the hard work for you – forget about turning your wrist or wand! As you become more comfortable using Beachwaver, you may try to create different styles just by experimenting with the size of your hair sections. Soon you will realize there are a dozen different ways of using your new wand.

Sarah Potempa The Beachwaver Off ButtonsYes, it does come with a clamp, which is rather small, making the tool different from those traditional curling irons we are used to. Although the clamp was designed in such a way that it helps to avoid the kinks, we believe, those are still inevitable if you don’t know how to use the tool properly.

As with any other curling tong, there is a learning curve, but with tons of great YouTube videos you will pick up exactly what it takes to do to get a celebrity look in a matter of minutes.

A Few Words About How It Works

At the press of a button, the rotating curling wand smoothly winds each lock around its pre-heated ceramic barrel. The good news is that you can choose the direction from the right to the left, depending on which side you hold the curler and what results you are aiming to achieve.

Set the temperature to your preferred heat level, thanks to in-built LED Digital Temperature Screen – it is easier to do than ever! Assuming you have already selected the rod rotating direction, clamp the end of your hair and press the ‘Go’ button to start. Provided your tresses were wrapped all the way around the barrel, you will get those sought-after loose natural waves when you unclamp your hair. Everything is pretty simple!

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Consider Customer Reviews

Speaking about feedback, we got some conflicting results. Many users mentioned the device has a short life and breaks after just a month of usage. This is not acceptable considering the high price that you pay for a premium product like this. Some people comment they were able to achieve better results with the stylers purchased at the fraction of Beachwaver’s cost.

Others complaint about small clip that is just not enough to secure the hair on a barrel. The Left / Right control buttons are not conveniently located making them easy to press at times when you less need them, causing your wand to turn in the wrong direction. It offers an extra-long barrel which is handy when you have long hair.

Our Final Verdict

Based on the features that come with this wand (which are rather standard) and considering the feedback we received from the users, we would recommend buying some other curlers especially because the market is so competitive!

Yes, the rotating wand is something we have never seen before, but competitors are always around, so we are expecting similar items to enter the market shortly that will be able to offer a better price to get the market share. However, if you just like Sarah Potempa and her amazing work as stylist, you are always free to give this curler a try.

Users are already raving about the HSI Curling Iron Set! Now it’s your time to use it: from thick and sassy curls to Veronica Lake loose vintage curls, you can try any style at home with guaranteed amazing results!

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