using heat protective travel case for curling wand

Keeping the Heat under Control with Curling Wand Case

Using Heat Protective Travel Case for Curling Wand.jpgIf you remember our maintenance tips that let your curling wand last for generations, you know the importance of a cover case. It comes handy every time you are packing your bag for a long holiday or even if you are carrying your favorite styling tool in your handbag daily in case you want to suddenly recreate the stunning red carpet look.

But what if your curling wand did not come with the case? Big mistake from the manufacturer – we say! So if they thought about saving their money and not providing you with the basic pouch, you have to think about getting the one elsewhere.

The good news is that all styling tools like hair straighteners, curling irons and wands have approximately the same sizes, hence protective cases that are being sold for them can be used interchangeably. We have outlined the best curling wand covers available on the market that offer you peace of mind in exchange of $10 – have a look!

Whitney Design Curling Iron CoverWhitney Design Curling Iron Cover

This simple case serves as an alternative cheap cover when you need it. Although the price is cheap, there is no undercuts in quality and this sturdy case lets you store away your curling wand as soon as you unplug it — the heat resistant PVC microfiber withstands even the highest temperatures. You can use it for other styling tools, including straightening irons. Customers confirm its long life as they are still using the case after 2 years from the initial purchase date. So, if you are on a tight budget — this product will meet your highest expectations!
Baggallini Curling Iron CoverBaggallini Curling Iron Cover

This high quality and sophisticated case gives you a peace of mind every time you need to pack your curling wand without waiting on it to cool down. Made of waterproof nylon, it comes in 5 different colors to please every customer's taste. Measuring 13,5 x 5.25 inch, it provides enough space for your styling tool and guarantees a safe storage solution. A separate elastic pocket serves as the dedicated compartment for the cord, letting you keep the content tidy at any time. Highly rated product you won't be disappointed with!
Cobys Gifts Heat Resistant Curling Iron CoverCoby's Gifts Heat Resistant Curling Iron Cover

Our favorite cover that offers not just a great design but universal practicality. Its interior is lined with heat-resistant fabric — similar to those covering ironing board covers and oven mitts. A small loop comes handy when you need to hang your case on a hook in the storage. Coby's pouch will make a great gift — thanks to its colorful pattern. Did we mention that you can choose your favorite model from over 10 designs?! It is an ideal travel companion — just put the hot curling wand inside this cover, toss it in your suitcase and go, isn't it easy?!
John Frieda Heat Instrument Zip PouchJohn Frieda Heat Instrument Zip Pouch

Another winner of our Curl And Go Consumer Awards! We won't be able to surprise you by saying that this case comes with heat-resistant lining — that is standard feature. What makes it different from competitors is handy zip closure. Strange, but other companies offer flip covers that may not be as sturdy as John Frieda's pouch. Well, everything is down to your taste and budget. On top, the velcro front pocket will hold all you small accessories in one place. Would make a perfect gift for any fashionista!
Mitt Flat Iron Travel PouchMitt Flat Iron Travel Pouch

We love this case for a vintage look. There is something authentic about it, similar to your grandma cases that she made by herself. Again, the pouch is design for a flat iron, hence the name, but there is nothing wrong in using it for your hair curling wand. As reviews suggest, people are happy to carry their curling irons to work with it, so be at ease! It is large enough to accommodate everything you need, including your hairbrush and comb — there are two side pockets to hold them in place. Forget accidental burns: your styling tool will be securely encased in this safe mitt.
Lug Clipper Flat Iron CaseLug Clipper Flat Iron Case

Although designed for a flat iron, we believe this case is perfectly suitable to carry your curling wand, too. Just make sure you are happy with the size which is 11 x 3.5 inch. The ergonomic design lets you keep all cords tidy under the elastic strap. And there are 8 colors to choose from! The rating is amazing: users are happy with features and compare the affordable price and high-quality of this item with its competitors. It is perfect for smaller and medium sized styling tools, so if you are looking for a case that holds all your accessories, you might consider choosing something else, luckily there is a product for everyone there!
Onei Heat Shield Flat Iron Travel PouchOnei Heat Shield Flat Iron Travel Pouch

The top rated product and apparently the most expensive was originally designed for Onei flat iron, but will be suitable for any other styling tool that fits the size. So if you don't want to compromise on quality, this is a definite go-for case that will meet your highest expectations. The elastic loops firmly secure the cord and a stain-resistant shell will withstand any jam that may drop from your toast (yes, you may want to multi-task one day). The poach comes with 4 years guarantee, so now you know that Onei put their feet behind their goods!