HSI Professional 4 Piece Curling Iron Set

HSI Professional 4 Piece Curling Iron Set Consumer Review

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Whether you are longing for Julia Robert’s bouncy curls or simple yet pretty beachy waves, HSI Professional has the ideal tool in store for your styling endeavors: please welcome the Professional Curling Iron Set.

This great model can give you the red carpet look you have been yearning for, without spending a fortune on expensive hair salon visits. Sounds appealing enough? Say good bye to flat boring hair: with HSI curling wand you can enjoy a splash of bouncy locks – at least until the next shampoo.

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Getting Professional Results

The HSI curling wand is one of the most popular styling tools on the market these days. Outfitted with solid tourmaline-ceramic barrel, this wand may look basic, yet is considered high caliber by many professional stylists. Many users claim that curler actually improves the texture of hair creating smoother and healthier strands – thanks to the barrel plating that warms up quickly and maintains even heat distribution.

HSI Professional Curling WandIt works well with the broad variety of hair types due to wide temperature range. In fact, it takes less than a minute to reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit! Some users weep for the higher temperature limit, but the healthy hair should be your paramount priority. The far infrared technology locks in the moisture and natural oils, so be prepared for envious looks at your high gloss shiny hair.

Given the high amount of heat the curler puts off, some users complaint about the absence of so-called “auto-off feature” which would automatically shut the hair wand off after a certain amount of time of being unused. Well, you have to rely on your memory here!

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Having Four Different Curling Wand Sizes in One

The HSI set comes with four interchangeable tourmaline-ceramic barrels (from universal 1-inch to a wider 1.5-inch barrel which is great for romantic natural-looking curls) that provide for a huge variety of styling options you may create. This will save you money, time and space required by four separate curling wands.

As well as some other manufacturers, HSI thinks about customer’s safety and provides a free heat protective glove in the pack. Although just one year factory warranty may seem disappointing, but with such names as HSI you should not worry much about the quality of products you are purchasing.

There are a number of smart safety features like barrel lock-in sensor which prevents the wand from heating up if you did not securely fit the barrel in its place. This comes handy considering users are mourning about tough barrels changing procedure. This is something HSI should put their attention to in the nearest future, but for now, you can always ask a masculine guy for help. Sometimes the barrels won’t stay in place, which is another concern. But if you are using one head for a long period of time and not changing it daily, this should not be of your concern!

The styler feels sturdy and solid, its ergonomic handle provides for non-slip grip, so you will be able to handle it easily! The supported dual voltage of 110-220 comes handy whenever you need to travel abroad, making sure your life-saving appliance is working anywhere in the world by automatically adjusting to the correct voltage level.

Our Final Verdict

The HSI curling wand is a high-quality hair curler that will last for several years in your household. The highest temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit is hotter than most comparable hair straighteners and a way more than most hair types need.

The problem with lock-in feature may be of a concern to some users and a lack of automatic shut-off function can shift them to other models. However, the professional quality of this tool has secured a special place on the market!

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