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How to Choose the Best Hair Brush for Your Styling Needs

Brushing the HairBrushing your hair everyday is an important ritual in a woman’s life. Is there a better way to look more naturally presentable than by take a standard brush to your locks and working yourself through your clean curls?

Brushes should be chosen strategically, your choice should be based on the length of your hair, its texture and the style. Remember that brushing improves circulation to your head, allowing your hair to have a more natural, moisturized and shiny look.

Having the right hair brush is crucial to crafting the style you desire. But with all the tools available on the market, it’s still tough to figure out which works the best for your hair type. We have outlined the most popular kinds of brushes, including the description for each.

Different Types of Hair Brushes

Conair John Frieda Paddle BrushPaddle Brush

If you have a tender head but still refuse to cut off your long, pretty locks, look to the paddle brush. It boasts a giant cushion with pins at the end of the emitted bristles; the pins massage the scalp, aiding in the aforementioned circulation. It smoothens any frizz in your long hair as you brush along, and is careful not to pull. It is not, however, good for detangling your hair as it is a bit wimpy, but vent brush or the comb would be perfect for this job. Meantime, check the Conair John Frieda paddle brush, which is a great example of high quality and ergonomic design.
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent BrushVent Brush

The vent brush is your perfect assistant when blow-drying your hair. As the name suggests, it contains holes that are spaced out beneath the tendril of the brush, allowing the warm air to pass through easily directly at the root level. The bristles are wide apart, which makes it easy to use and manoeuvre through hair. This brush is great to add volume and body to your otherwise boring hair. Have you already seen the Cricket Static Free Fast Flo vent brush?
Cricket Technique Barrel Round Hair BrushRound Brush

The round hairbrush is multi-faceted tool perfect for every day usage. Its 360 degree bristles lend great volume to the thinner hair types, but it also works well to form a straight tress in an otherwise curly head. Look for those made of ceramic – materials that helps hair to retain the moisture, making such brush a safer thermal option. You should be able to wind your hair around the circle of the brush at least once, If you can't – just go with a smaller diameter. Click here to get more information about Cricket Technique Barrel hair brush, a perfect static-free styling tool.
Phillips Light Touch Cushion Hair BrushCushion Brush

The cushion brush is the paddle brushes little brother. Because it is a great deal smaller, it works on a great variety of hair lengths. The air-filled cushion is very gentle and the bristles move easily through hair. Like the paddle brush, it is unfortunately not stellar at removing tangles. However, it administers an equal amount of natural oils in your curls. Besides, it works great for levelling the hair before curling procedure. Overall, it's your essential all-rounder tool. We recommend Phillips Light Touch cushion hair brush as your daily styling companion.
Marilyn Brush Teasing and Backcombing Styling BrushStyling Brush

This is the eyelash curler of all brushes: super small and sort of a mystery. It's incredibly thin with just a few rows of bristles. Therefore, you can really hone in on the spot on which you'd like to focus. You can create volume, style, and shape any way you'd like with this tool. Take a step further and be like a pro, using the narrow tipped end for sectioning your hair. Perhaps, you would like to check the Marilyn Brush Teasing and Backcombing Brush, the styling tool that consistently gets positive feedback from its users.

To break the hairbrush equation down for you in simple terms: the vent, round and styling brush can be utilized by all hair types. The paddle brush should only be used by long, straight hair, while the cushion brush, works well for shorter, curly types.

And don’t get too cheap with your hairbrush purchases! Sure, it seems like a run-of-the mill, everyday tool. Something you shouldn’t have to think too hard about. But if you come home with some plastic bristles, your hair is going to break and frizz. Opt for nylon. Opt for quality. This is the only head of hair you’ve got!

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