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Hot Tools Tapered Curling Iron Consumer Review

Hot Tools NanoCeramic Tapered Curling IronOverall Rating


Do you want a simple to use, but stylish, clip-less curling iron? The Hot Tools Curly Q Tapered Iron just might be worth your consideration.

Clip-less model means there is no need to hold the hair against the barrel. Sometimes that clip is more trouble than it’s worth. Using a traditional curler can lead to split ends, damaged hair and unsightly curls. You have to really know what you’re doing to get good results. But a clip-less model makes the entire process just so much easier.

With the tapered barrel that creates diverse natural-looking curls, you will be able to achieve the celebrity look without spending extra money on expensive salon visit. Hot Tools Tapered Curling Iron is a life saver and considered to be one the best hair curling tools of its kind.

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Clipless Curling with Hot Tools Tapered Curling Iron

The Hot Tools curling wand released in 3 different models:

  • Titanium Tapered Curling Iron, where titanium provides lightweight strength and durability even under extreme temperatures along with corrosion-resistant feature to styling products;
  • NanoCeramic Tapered Curling Iron that is engineered to emit far infrared energy to seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz, leaving your hair soft and shiny;
  • Gold Tapered Curling Iron with 24K gold plated barrel that speeds the circulation of heat, enhancing heat up and heat recovery.

Hot Tools Titanium Tapered Curling IronHot Tools hair curling wand features the heat control function. The heat settings go from 1 to 10 (low to high). The patented so-called ‘Pulse Technology’ senses heat loss and begins restoring it immediately so the wand stays hot, curl after curl.

Rheostat heat control dial heats up to 450°F (232°C) which is more than enough to curl anyone’s hair. With such a wide temperature range, you are able to easily get loose or tight curls, just remember to use less heat for fragile or damaged hair.

The heat settings will depend on the grade of your hair. Some people have trouble getting their hair to curl. This wand should eliminate such problem. Even if your hair is coarse you just have to use a higher temperature settings.

The general rule is to use a low temperature for a loose curls and increase the heat for a tighter ones.

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Safety Concerns

Hot Tools Gold Tapered Curling IronThe main concern with this type of curling wand is using it without getting a burn.

From the multiple reviews, It’s not easy for some users to switch from a clip curling iron to a clip-less model.

There certainly is a learning curve. The trick is to go slow until you’re more comfortable using this curler. Fortunately, the Hot Tools model features a cool tip that doesn’t get hot. You also receive a heat resistant glove to wear during the curling process.

Another complaint is that the curls are never tight enough. You can usually fix this by using a hotter setting or different barrel size. The Hot Tools curling wand comes in 3 different sizes, the barrel from 1 1/4 to 3/4 inches will help you achieve the dream curls.

The curling wand also comes with a safety stand. The stand holds the tool when you need a break while doing your hair. No need to sit the curler on a sink or some other surface when you need some rest. The stand that comes with this model is very convenient. The curler also has an 8-inch swivel cord that provides good maneuverability, so you have more freedom when curling your hair.

Our Verdict

The Hot Tools White Curly Q Tapered Iron measures up well against other clip-less curling irons. There are a few complaints, however, most are correctable by learning to properly use the product and choosing the correct barrel size.

This curling wand may well be the best for you as its tapered barrel allows to make either tight or looser curls, depending on where you wrap your hair, which adds a lot of flexibility and inspiration to try different styles.

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