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HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron is the ultimate styling tool designed for professional use. Getting natural appearing curls has never been easier! Doesn’t matter what type of hair you’ve got as HerStyler curling wand is capable of transforming even the thickest hair into the splash of beautiful locks.

This wand comes with small, medium and large sized interchangeable barrels. Not only does that save you money, it also requires less storage space.

The look of your hair says a great deal about you, so don’t compromise when it comes to choosing the best hair wand. The HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron is the top choice for anyone who cares about quality and performance.

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The Benefits of the 3-in-1 System

HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron with BoxThe HerStyler curling wand is unique in that you get several barrel sizes.

The three interchangeable barrels really are a big deal. Many users complain about having to buy different sized curling wands. The choices are buy several different barrels or use only one size. Neither choice is convenient.

Luckily, you don’t have to compromise with HerStyler. The 3-in-1 system automatically makes this model worthy of your consideration. You can finally achieve different sized curls without buying several styling tools. Simply switch the barrel, and you’re ready to go.

Technology Advancements

All three barrels make use of the latest ceramic technology. The HerStyler curling wand heats up evenly thus receiving an equal amount of heat in all areas. Forget about hot spots and just concentrate on the look of your hair.

Another benefit is that ceramic gets hot fast. You can start curling less than a minute after turning on the tool.

Ceramic is also better for you hair than any transitional metal curler. It’s less harsh, and causes less heat damage over the time.

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Other Important Features of HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron

The built-in temperature display is very convenient. It tells you exactly how much heat the barrel is getting. The heat goes up to 392°F (200°C), which is pretty darn hot. Some curling wands get hotter than that. However, 392 degrees should be sufficient to curl even the most difficult hair.

As another safety measure, the HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron comes with a heat-resistant glove. Some people have a difficult time making the switch from a clip curling iron to a clip-less models. But wearing the glove will protect your hands from the heat.

Good Enough for the Pros

The HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron was originally for professional use. That’s part of the reason why it has three interchangeable barrels. However, stylists aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this.

It’s suitable for anyone who wants to get a good curl. You can use it daily or pull it out for special occasions. You might even want to use it to keep your hair looking good between salon visits.

Just remember that it’s a clip-less model. It might take you a while to become a pro. Take your time, learn to use the product correctly and you’ll have perfect curls every time using HerStyler 3P Professional Curling Iron.

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