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Curling Wand Guide: Choosing the Right Barrel Material

Big CurlsEverything else is coming into place in your life: you’re honing in on your style, your makeup’s perfect, you’ve found the best shampoo for your hair texture, and now — you guessed it — it’s time to find the perfect styling utensil.

Obviously, you should spring for a curling wand: the effects of the hair wand are elaborate. They work on all sorts of hair types and, with proper utilization, you can have several different styles from just the one utensil. You can have springy or wavy hair that shines with strength and nutrition in no time.

But you’ve also heard all the harmful effects of putting heat on your hair; the breakage, the burning — and who can forget the scent of burning hair after you’ve smelled it once. We certainly can’t. So, we’ve outlined the various materials you have to work with.

What exactly is out there waiting for you at the beauty counter? It’s best to do your research and understand what you’re looking for. Chances are, if you opt for the best curling wand for your hair today, you won’t be reading about repairing your heat-damaged hair tomorrow. But there’s surely an article for that somewhere. Just in case.

The Variety of Curling Wand Barrel Materials

First of all — how exactly do all curling wands work? Here’s the science: all curling wands are made of various barrel materials — ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline — and infused with electrons. Tiny, tiny electrons — from science class, you remember! And as they get warm and glide over your hair, they transmit electron after electron into your hair for an incredible ion-boost.

What’s about chrome plated wands? Sure, the chrome curling wand from your local convenience store won’t break the bank, but they snag your hair and actually create frizz! Avoid these at all costs unless you want to spend the money you’re saving on added heat protectants and hair creams. We will not be reviewing chrome barrels here, full dot. Choosing the right barrel material is the key to your shiny traces.

Here Comes Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington TStudio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling WandSo you’ve heard about the ceramic curling wand. It is enhanced by this “negative ion” technology as well as healthy infrared heat. Ceramic barrels are excellent for distributing an equal amount of heat over your strands. But be careful when you’re browsing through the ceramic aisles: occasionally, vendors will make a curling wand out of metal or plastic and simple pour some ceramic overtop of it. Don’t mess around with that!

Pure ceramic curling wands will not only last longer, they’ll create that even heat every day without fail. The best part of the ceramic curling wand is that it’s made for almost all women. If you have thin or thick hair, you can wield this ceramic design every day. Even if your hair is moderately damaged, this ceramic curling wand can be utilized.

Shall I Consider Tourmaline Curling Wand?

Jose Eber Clipless Curling IronIf you’re interested in this aforementioned ‘negative ion’ effect, look to the enhanced technology of the tourmaline curling wand. These tools are brand new on the market; they utilize tourmaline, which is a semi-precious stone. Creators crush the semi-precious stone and fuse it on top of a ceramic or titanium based wand. The tourmaline stone boosts your anti-frizz action. It allows an easy glide through your hair — incorporating no friction in its curling action.

Because of the incredible effects of the tourmaline, you can use it on nearly every kind of hair. Thin to crazy-thick, curly headed women can use it. Even the most damaged head of hair can take the heat of tourmaline. There will be no end to your shine, but admittedly, your pocketbook might be a little empty.

Shiny Titanium Curling Wand

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium ConiCurl IronTitanium curling wands are the most full-force of the tools: look to these if you have incredibly un-manageable, coarse hair or if you’re a professional in the hair studio. But there’s no end to the titanium effects. It has all the infrared and negative ion action of the ceramic and tourmaline curling wands — but it’s a strong metal found naturally.

Be careful with the titanium on your beauty counter: it heats up really fast. Keep it on the lowest setting if you’ve never dealt with its strength before. And always wear your curling wand protectant glove! But, used correctly, the titanium curling wand will eliminate frizz and fly away hairs instantly; it will provide clean, crisp curls with ease.

Photo Credit: Denise Mahoney