Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set

Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set Consumer Review

Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron SetOverall Rating


The Cortex curling iron is nothing like a standard curler you have used to, it comes with no clamp – great news considering it provides for more freedom to dart around your tresses which, in turn, helps achieving a more natural look.

First, section your hair – this will save you a lot of time as holding the hair with no clip on the device, wrapping it around the barrel and not burning yourself takes a while to master. As with any other styling tool, there is a learning curve, at first this seems novel and you are likely to burn your fingers once or twice, but as you progress, the styling process should not take long.

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Creating Studio-Level Styling

Cortex curling wand uses an advanced tourmaline-ceramic blend to create studio-level long lasting curls! Similar to HSI kit, this set features the far-infrared technology that helps to distribute heat evenly (unlike metal barrels with hot spots that leave curls bumpy) at the same time preventing the damage of your locks. The Cortex hair wand features a variable temperature control up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to curl even the coarsest hair!

Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Curling Wand BoxedLike many products of the same price range it comes with heat protective glove. Some users claim they can still feel the heat coming from the barrel, but worry not: your fingers are safe provided you wear the glove at all times.

A selection of four interchangeable heads: ½-inch, ¾-inch, 1 ¼-inch, 1 ½-inch offers plenty of styling options for any occasion: let it be a wedding or casual meeting with friends – you will always be stunning. A convenient storage case is all what you need when you have to store four barrels and a glove to keep your appliances tidy at all times. Likely, Cortex provides a basic pouch with a section for each head!

Speaking About Shortcomings

The Cortex 4-in-1 set comes with a life-time warranty; however you may face extra handling charges when sending the item back to the manufacturer in case you went over the 60-day period. Some users are disappointed with poor customer service policy where extra costs may be involved to return the item. Not only we think it is damaging the image of the company, but also it is unfair for customers to bear the faults of the maker.

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Again, if you are the girl who is using just one size, then, perhaps, you should go with a curling wand of some particular size. Spending money on something that is never used is not a smart move. You are likely to pay much less, so consider this as the wallet-friendly advice.

Cortex wand does not come with user manual, which is rather strange. Not every consumer is experienced or likes checking things online whenever he’s got a question, so sticking to old traditional ways would be nice. But still, those YouTube video guides are awesome and will likely inspire you to try some unusual styling techniques.

Several users complain about ‘Deferred Switching On’ feature. At the beginning it may be annoying, however with ceramic barrels heating up quickly, you don’t want to burn your fingers by accidentally pressing the control buttons – quite a common problem with many curlers.

The barrels look nice and sturdy; on the other hand, the body make feels cheap. The digital temperature display comes handy when you know exactly what temperature settings would suit the best for your hair type, but it is rather confusing for a novice.

To sum up, the Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set has some great features, but on the other hand not all of them are justified. Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, this curler was designed for professional comfort. Now it is your time to try in on!

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