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Bed Head Curlipops Clampless Curling Iron Consumer Review

Bed Head 1-inch Clampless Curling IronOverall Rating


The TIGI Bed Head Curlipops Clampless Curling Iron is a perfect curling wand for creating loose, beach curls. One inch barrel is just ideal if you want big waves, rather than small and tight curls. Since it is clip-free and the temperature gets very high, the heat resistant glove which comes with it is very handy.

Created at Bed Head Studios by hairdressers for hairdressers, this curling wand will definitely meet your highest expectations!

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Wrap and Go

Bed Head Curlipops group of curling wands comprises 4 different models:

  • 1-inch Clampless Curling Iron, the basic model designed specifically for loose curls and waves;
  • Reverse Conical Clampless Curling Iron that helps to achieve the tight curls on top and loose curls on the bottom;
  • Clampless Hourglass Curling Iron with the unique designed engineered to create the tight curls in the middle and loose curls at the ends;
  • 1-inch Clampless Tapered Curling Iron that is opposite to Reverse Conical model and creates the loose curls on top and tight curls on the bottom.

Bed Head Clampless Hourglass Curling IronMost reviewers say that this curling wand is very quick and easy to use.  You just literally wrap your hair around it and you have will have those natural-looking, loose waves in no time.

The curling process doesn’t take long because the barrel warms up quickly due to the rapid heat recovery system. It takes no more than ten seconds to make one curl, even though some users claim that you need to repeat the process a few times in order to achieve the maximum effect.

The length of the styling process depends on how long and thick your hair is, but as a rule, most of curling wand pro-users take no more than 5 minutes to complete the look.

Bed Head Reverse Conical Clampless Curling IronSince a curling iron without a clip is a novelty, if you never had experience with it before, you should know that it may take time to get used to it. While some people find it easy to handle, others admit that they struggled a bit before they mastered this particular skill.

The heat resistant glove that comes with this product is delicately textured, which makes you roll your hair quicker. With thicker gloves you usually don’t have that much control and the hair keeps sliding up and down the wand. However, some users complain that the glove makes their hair tangled, so they had switch to another one.

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Bed Head Curlipops Clampless Curling Iron Does Protect Your Hair

Bed Head 1-inch Clampless Tapered Curling IronTourmaline ceramic technology protects hair and leaves it smooth and glossy. The coat made out of ceramic enables even distribution of heat, which protects hair from getting burned, while the old-fashioned metal curling irons are often unevenly heated which can cause damage to your hair.

Luckily, modern ceramic curlers are not so pricey anymore. Nowadays you can find both cheap and expensive versions, and the TIGI Bed Head Curlipops Clampless Curling Iron definitely belongs to the first category.

Potential Drawbacks

According to some users, the fact that this curling wand can only make loose curls is merely a downside. A number of them even claimed that the waves can’t stay tight for a long time, especially without the help of a strong hairspray. Some of them stated that the product isn’t suitable for thick hair, which implies that it may not be powerful enough to cope with all types of hair. Since the barrel is 1-inch wide, it is definitely not too useful if you have relatively short hair.

Another drawback that has been mentioned in reviews is that the heat cannot be regulated. There is only one temperature and it isn’t possible to either heat up or cool down the barrel.

Finally, some reviewers pointed out that it is easy to burn yourself with this curling wand because the barrel gets extremely hot and you are equipped with only one safety glove.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a curling wand that can make big, loose and effortless-looking curls, the Bed Head Curlipops Clampless Curling Iron seems like a good choice. With a budget price and good reviews this curling wand can easily be named the best hair curling wand without any doubt!

However, if you want a curling iron for small or medium tight curls, you should definitely consider other options. It is also possible that this product won’t work well for you if you have relatively short, or straight and thick hair.

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